Simmba is a masala film through and through. So if crazy over-the-top dialogues, physics defying action, and multiple fantasy dance numbers are not your cup of tea, give this one a pass. However, for a masala film Simmba has a very moving story. Based in the fictional world created by Rohit Shetty through Singham, this story tells the tail of a rogue corrupt brutish police officer who discovers his integrity through a righteous path of vengeance.

Ranveer Singh portrays Simmba perfectly. Known for taking on complex characters who are not necessarily pure of heart, Singh effortlessly showcases Simmba’s constant internal conflict of identity. On one hand he is a corrupt cop who is only in it for the money, but on the other hand his outlandish expressions and childlike demeanor win the audience over. Sonu Sood uses his usual ruffian bearing to act as the main villain. It is nothing impressive as we have seen him don this mask many times before.

The real gem to watch here is Ashutosh Rana, whose head constable’s love-hate relationship with Simmba fuels most of the film. It was a treat to see a veteran actor like that shine on the big screen again. Sara Ali Khan, who debuted just a few weeks before, pulls off a mainstream masala film with ease. However, her character is heavily underutilized.

The songs unfortunately are not as memorable as previous Rohit Shetty ventures. With two rehashes of classics and a some forgettable originals it’s the only real drawback to the film.

In a world where critics and audience claim that realism is needed more in Indian cinema, Rohit Shetty proves once again that it’s not realism but rather relatability that the audience craves. I’m sure many people in the audience proclaimed at least once, ‘I know someone like that’. Masala films are a staple of Indian cinema and won’t ever go away. The only hope is that they have the heart and emotion that all of Shetty’s films have. 

In conclusion, Simmba is a wholesome entertainer with a strong storyline and a thought-provoking message. It’s loud, bombastic, and won’t disappoint. If you love some masala in your life, definitely watch Simmba!!

I give it 3.5 out of 4 Prabhu Devas!!